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The new cross web labellers

Outstanding performance.
Maximum ergonomics.
Low life cycle costs.
Equipped for the future.











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MULTIVAC sets the benchmark as one of the leading manufacturers of reliable, high-performance, and versatile labelling solutions. Both today and tomorrow.

The latest generation of MULTIVAC cross web labellers is also equipped for the demands of today and the future. In addition to maximum operating and process reliability, the other outstanding features of this innovative model range are its impressive performance and low life cycle costs, as well as its high level of precision and flexibility.

The use of state-of-the-art communication standards such as IO-link and EtherCAT ensures they are equipped for the future.

Variabilität in jeder Hinsicht [ID: 9605]

Versatility in every respect

MULTIVAC cross web labellers are able to run a wide range of label sizes and materials with consistently high labelling quality. The labels are precisely applied to the top and/or bottom of a thermoformed pack.


Individual design

A modular design system, as well as a wide range of tailor-made equipment options, enable the labelling solution to be individually designed to the particular labelling and space requirements with maximum output, efficiency, and flexibility, while also making optimum use of the available space and consuming the minimum amount of resources.

Integration of additional functions

All the standard printing processes can be integrated in the labellers. Different monitoring and inspection systems also ensure the labelling process runs smoothly, and that a high level of product and pack quality is maintained.


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Herausragende Performance [ID: 9629]

Outstanding performance

Performance redefined

The process-controlled functioning of the new machine generation overlays the individual sequences as far as possible, so the labelling process is optimised and significantly faster due to its harmonious motion profile. Thanks to the robust construction of the labellers and the even more solid design of the individual components, the new cross web labellers operate with significantly less vibration and therefore more efficiently, while the time taken for their travel range is also reduced.

Short set-up times

In addition to this, the labelling modules, which are equipped with sophisticated servo motor technology, together with servo drives on all axes and the virtually continuous operation of the longitudinal shift unit make their contribution to a significantly higher cycle output. It is no longer necessary to perform reference runs before the labelling operation is begun - and this means that set-up and conversion times are reduced, so the labellers are operational more rapidly. The simplified construction with its fewer number of deflection rollers accelerates label roll change and makes it even easier, so that downtime is also reduced.


Maximale Sicherheit [ID: 9630]

Maximum safety


Of course without compromise

Particular importance was attached to safety, especially in view of the high cycle speeds. The constant monitoring of travel speeds and torque ensures the highest level of process and operating safety is achieved even at maximum output. The movement of the pusher plates is also stopped, if there is contact with persons.

Highest level of availability

Thanks to the minimisation of potential sources of faults through design measures, the reliability and availability of the labelling system have also been increased significantly. The reduction in moving parts and an improvement in the cable feed also make a major contribution.

Intuitive operation

The cross web labellers are controlled reliably and conveniently via the HMI of the packaging machine. In the case of long packaging lines, there is also the option of operating the labeller with its own HMI, so long distances for operators are avoided.

Maximale Ergonomie und leichte Bedienbarkeit [ID: 9631]


Maximum ergonomics and ease of operation

Simple, reliable, and ergonomic

The new MULTIVAC cross web labellers also set the benchmark, when it comes to ease of operation and operating reliability. Menu guidance has been optimised and equipped with an integrated wizard function. The system only needs the required number of cycles to be entered - after that all the relevant speed and acceleration parameters are adjusted automatically.

Optimum accessibility

The compact construction and ergonomic positioning of printers and label unwinding significantly improve the accessibility for operators. Thanks to the integration of the Quick Control panel in the labeller housing, distances for operators have also been reduced.

Removal of the vacuum box hood and access to the pusher plate set is quick and easy, and this can be performed without any tools. The necessary service work can be carried out rapidly and in a user-friendly way. The reduction in time and effort increases the efficiency of the system and contributes significantly to reducing the life cycle costs.


Reduzierte Lebenszykluskosten [ID: 9632]

Reduced life cycle costs

A new dimension in cost-effectiveness

MULTIVAC cross web labellers of the latest generation are a resilient module in the packaging process. Thanks to their compact design and small footprint, they can also be integrated into existing production and packaging processes - and if required, they can be retrofitted easily and cost-effectively with inspection systems or additional printers, since they are already equipped with the necessary interfaces.

They also support the maximum output from the overall line, since with the "zero downtime" design they enable virtually uninterrupted production to be achieved.

Highest level of reliability and longevity

These new models, which are designed for long life and durability, are also very impressive in their high level of reliability even at high output. The harmonious motion profile and the fact, that moving parts have largely been eliminated, make a major contribution to reduced wear and increased service life. Design innovations, such as the improved cable feed, have also significantly reduced the risk of faults.

Zukunftsfähigkeit [ID: 9633]

Equipped for the future

Think about tomorrow today

The new cross web labellers are already designed for the demands of tomorrow. Their compatibility with different printing technologies, as well as the modularity of these labelling solutions, enable them to be perfectly adapted technically and cost-effectively to future requirements as regards the particular pack, its print quality or the desired label position – and all this with maximum output volume and efficiency.

State-of-the-art communication standards such as IO-link and EtherCAT also enable the machines to be equipped with the latest sensor technology. Additional solutions for labelling inspection can also be easily retrofitted, since the corresponding interfaces are already integrated.

And last but not least, the new generation of labellers is designed for predictive maintenance.


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